Best Of... So Far

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Originally made available on iTunes as a download only.  Now you can own the CD!  Includes songs from: SXY, The Butterfly Observations, Record On The Blag and Live Sessions

1) Elusive You (Album Edit)
2) Silent Whispers
3) Fireflies
4) Smooth
5) WANNA (EP Edit)
6) There You Are
7) From The 7th Floor
8) I Can Stand Tall
9) I'll Cover You
10) This Love I Found
11) There You Are (Live Rehearsal Take)
12) In Flagrante
13) Ain't Gonna
14) Anticpating
15) Already Gone
16) We Are Naked
17) If It Seems
18) Everything I Need (duet with Beryl Marsden)
19) Fade
20) Silent Whispers (Live From TalkSport)
21) Hidden (demo)
22) Elusive You (Double H Remix)
23) WANNA (Double H Remix)

*  Track Listing is subject to change

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