Best Of... So Far Signed Edition

£6.00 (Coming soon)

Originally made available on iTunes as a download only.  Now you can own the CD!  Includes songs from: SXY, The Butterfly Observations, Record On The Blag, Live Sessions and a few specially recorded extras.

1) Elusive You (Album Edit)
2) Silent Whispers
3) Fireflies
4) Smooth
5) WANNA (EP Edit)
6) There You Are
7) From The 7th Floor
8) I Can Stand Tall
9) I'll Cover You
10) This Love I Found
11) There You Are (Live Rehearsal Take)
12) In Flagrante
13) Ain't Gonna
14) Anticpating
15) Already Gone
16) We Are Naked
17) If It Seems
18) Everything I Need (duet with Beryl Marsden)
19) Fade
20) Silent Whispers (Live From TalkSport)
21) Hidden (demo)
22) Elusive You (Double H Remix)
23) WANNA (Double H Remix)

*Track Listing is subject to change

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