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So off I clacked to the premier of Sex And The City for the "female" installment of our double bill of Indiana Jones Vs. Sex and The City.


Oh boy - I've never heard a cinema audience like it... Cooing, Ahhing and man hating out loud.  It was something else.  But, beneath the strappy sandals, the garnier hair products and the general wiff of Charlie - the audience was united - and you don't often get that at the movies.


Ok, so I thought lets just go with this, be a woman Jake - feel the woman in you... So I grabbed myself a Galaxy bar, a diet coke and turned emotions to stun...


But I think I was still a little let down.  It was like a long episode - a really long episode - with the same - are they? aren't they?  Nothing really happened and I guess I felt bad for the audience - weren't we expecting more?  After all the tears of the "big" end, the season finale.  Don't we deserve more?


The usuals suspects (Sarah, Kim, Kristin and Cynthia) were all very good - as per usual - and Samantha had some great lines... but did anyone else notice how old Smith is looking?  


Jennifer Hudson sadly didn't do anything for me.  I found her a little flat and I thought was a bad casting choice for this movie.  I love the costumes but loved the audience's reaction even more...


I give this 6 out of ten

you think..

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