i think...

As a child of the 80's -  I totally love this movie .  I remember watching it over and over, sitting there on a Saturday morning, duvet and a bowl of cereal, VHS in hand, ready to join the wonderful and strange world within the Labyrinth.


I truly believe that this is one of better things of David Bowie's career.  Out there and weird.  I love it - plus the music rocks!  


Whenever you need a refresher course of the mid 80's stick on this movie and you'll be transported!  Even if you stretch to buying the soundtrack you won't be sorry.  Most of the tracks are almost sing-a-long-able (ok not word, but you get what I mean!)


You can't go wrong with a Jim Henson flick - puppets abound and tight fitting costumes.  You can't go wrong.


This movie sits well within it's fairytale genre, in fact maybe it's the leader, others that I remember and love:  Never Ending Story and Flight Of The Navigator - but for me Labyrinth beats them.

you think..

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